Biography of Cameron Lee

Executive Producer at Bungie. Formerly Lead Producer at BioWare on Anthem and Dragon Age Inquisition

Cameron Lee is a veteran video game developer, Executive Producer at Bungie and former Lead Producer of BioWare’s new IP Anthem. Previous games include 2014’s Game of the Year; Dragon Age: Inquisition, Destiny 2, Dead Space and several other titles and franchises.


Working with publishers and studios such as; Bungie, BioWare, EA, Pixar, THQ, Vivendi and Eidos, Cameron has collaborated on three new IP franchises and numerous titles across multiple console generations and platforms including the PS4 and XBox One.


Cameron Lee has fourteen years of leadership and production experience in the video game and software industries. After graduating from Mount Waverley Secondary College, Cameron began his career as programmer before founding an enterprise software company which created portfolio and project management software for large corporate clients.


Cameron Lee Biography Picture


After leaving the company he founded, Cameron entered the video game industry as a producer and began work on his first title for the Pixar Car’s franchise. Cameron quickly followed up Car’s Mater-National with The Legend of Spyro.


Before joining Bungie, Cameron produced Anthem, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dead Space, Dead Space 2, The God Father II and an unannounced new IP for Electronic Arts.


Cameron now resides in Seattle where works with Bungie, prior to this Cameron lived in Edmonton, working with BioWare on a number of games, including Dragon Age: Inquisition, a game which was met with critical acclaim, winning over 130 Game of the Year awards including GOTY from The Awards show and D.I.C.E.


Cameron Lee at E3 2014


With a passion for sharing helping new developers, Cameron often speaks at universities and game development conferences where he shares his experience in producing critically and commercially successful video games. Cameron Lee has had several appointments on advisory boards, including government funding of indie game studios which helped them to become successful around the world.


Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1978 Cameron is married to Jennesta and father to Mark.